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ISFETCOM Waterproof Pocket pH Meter S2K712

ISFETCOM - S2K712 unbreakable pH & temperature meter This advanced Pocket pH meter gives fast, accurate pH readings with samples as small as 50uL.  The non-glass electrode eliminates problems associated with delicate glass pH meters (see: ).

One-point calibration and pH & temperature readings in seconds make this an ideal choice for a wide range of applications.

The R2K712 silicon electrode sensor is compatible with IQ Scientifics' Mini-Lab Pocket pH meters IQ120, IQ125 & IQ128. ( see:

Terrachem is the Overseas Sales Office for ISFETCOM's S2K712 pH meters and R2K712 electrodes.              For More Information Contact:



SHANGHAI JINGLING GLASSWARE produces a broad line of laboratory glassware supplies for the scientific community. A Joint-Venture company, between Jingling Glassware (China) and Lab Depot (Japan), we have combined the economic advantages of manufacturing in China, with Japanese manufacturing techniques and Quality Control methods to produce inexpensive, high-quality glassware. Our glassware features low expansion rates, high hardness and high softening point, resists heating and boiling in laboratories, and is suitable for most standard experiment procedures.

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Environmental Sampling Supplies (ESS):

ESS (U.S.A.) was the first company in the environmental sample collection container industry to offer PrePreservedŽ sample containers and continues to develop and introduce new products today.  In collaboration with TerraChem, ESS offers specialized container preparation and packaging products to meet specific requirements for dioxin, furan, and PCB testing in Japan.


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InventX (U.S.A.) is a reputable manufacturer of high quality capillary GC columns.  New ladder polymer technology gives InventX columns significant advantages over virtually all competitive columns.  The polymer technologies allow higher upper temperature limits and low bleed without changing chromatographic selectivity.  TerraChem distributes InventX columns in Japan and supports ongoing collaborative research projects to identify columns and combinations to simplify the analysis of multi-congener mixtures such as dioxin, furan, and PCB.


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Consulting Services:

International markets provide exciting opportunities for small businesses.  North American, European, and Asian companies can realize highly favorable sales and profits in many overseas markets.  TerraChem offers assistance to a variety of companies who may not have the internal resources to adequately identify, investigate, and initiate activities in foreign markets.  TerraChem has principle activities in North America and Japan, although, ongoing effort has created successful relations in South American, Australia and New Zealand, throughout Europe, and steady expansion in Asia and the Pacific Rim.  Please consider that TerraChem’s resources, experience, and network could significantly increase the success of your products and/or services in foreign markets.


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